The business artist HERSELF
Judith Hartlmaier
She is the creator and facilitator of The Business Artist Way and she brings in all the magic. Through her unique perspective, Judith opens up a new world to leaders and their organisations.
The Business Artist is a multidisciplinary mind with strong will and ability for creation and a positive impact on this world
People Development for Strategic Value
In the center of her work is the human being.
With a speciale interest in people development and formerly being in Strategic HR, Talent Management and Recruiting at BMW in China, she has always been concerned with unfolding peoples potential and exploring the psychology of human behavior, talent and intelligence. Today, she uses her insights and experience to empower people to grow, find meaning and be authentic in who they are.

Business and the Arts for Competitiveness
As The Business Artist she fuses business and the arts for strategic impact on value creation and organisational development. Based on her experience in business and the arts, she developed a research-based and applied work approach for corporate leadership development: The Business Artist Way. She offers a training programme for becoming a Business Art Facilitator building organisational multiplicators with a unique mindset and skillset for strategic and creative competitive edge in the 21st century.

Born Global for Connectivity
Judith is a true born global. She lived, worked and studied in Germany, the UK, the Netherland, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and many other places on three continents of Europe, Asia and Australia. She has a global mindset, high cultural awareness and is educated with focus on the Chinese market as she studied International Management and Business Chinese. Furthermore, she is bilingual in German and English. Bringing people together from different backgrounds for diverse experiences is her specialty.

Management Consulting for Financial Impact
Starting her consulting career at PwC with focus on the topics of financial risk, governance and corporate treasury, she now focuses on essential aspects of making it into the future. Redefining the role of the human being in the digital age, creating empowering leadership culture and enabling creative organisational culture to foster innovation and constant adaptation in a complex world is what she does today. Inviting people for new challenges and growth by taking new perspectives is her element.

Academic Research, Educational Design and Teaching for Self-Direction
By educating students in self-directed learning and how to think and make use of their cognitive and intellectual capacity to apply it to any given topic, she creates meaningful learning experiences. Preparing people for the 21st century and working on new educational models based on humanistic values and constructivist thought is what she is passionate about. Judith does research on Entrepreneurial Learning and Ecosystems as well as Strategic Creativity and the Value of Arts-based Learning for Business and Leadership.