The business artist way
The Process
The working and growth process is structured while being chaotic, emotional while being logical, strong while being weak - it brings together contrasts for balance. It is iterative and always different, depending on context. The process is a piece of art in itself.
Every learning experience is a fusion of business and art (and more) and offers elements of the six process steps:
exploration, reflection, movement, creation, ignition and expression.
Business Art Process
Six steps to make change, transformation, development and growth happen.
Process steps
Exploring opportunities, asking questions, researching data, sensing inspiration, collecting information, being critical and juxtaposing options to see things from all different angles.
Reflecting on oneself and the current situation, strengths and weaknesses and understanding existing resources, their drivers and purpose, to create transparency and identify potential.
Moving oneself and others to shake up the status quo and to get the right mindset for development, change, engagement and transformation to create energy and momentum for impact.
Learning by creating is key for the creation process which takes inspiration, data, collaboration, trial and error and insights to invent something new while learning on the way.
Igniting the flame and enthusiasm for the new concept, changing, pivoting or undertaking and creating a clear vision and strategy to unfold the potential for performance and new experiences.
Expressing and performing the new in front of the public by using talent, personality, emotion, logic, storytelling and colour to draw people in and wow the audience.
The Methods
The Business Artist Way fuses methods from various fields with a background in business and the arts.