The business artist way
The Mindset
The mindset and attitude behind The Business Artist Way is curious, intentional, impact-focused and value-driven. Quick learning and constant search for meaning and purpose are the foundation for creating and crafting the future.
It is a mindset for creation. It is inspirational, intuitive, analytical and revolutionary. It means always being interested in growth, learning, connection, creation and sharing ideas.
It means being human.
Therefore, heart and mind are closely connected.
The mindset and attitude is passionate, highly engaged and paired with the will to always find a better solution. It means being demanding, thirsty for knowledge, observant and awake. It means going out into the world to perceive and take different perspectives and interpret impressions based on values and meaning. When searching for solutions, it means being development-focused, (self)reflective, purposeful and persistent.
The mindset brings about awareness for conditions needing improvement and the willingness to take responsibility and solve the problems for positive and sustainable impact.
The approach is about allowing ambiguity and not feeling endangered by freedom. Instead, it means being able to fill the space with new thought, direction and creation and self-directedly learn new methods and perspectives in the process. On The Business Artist Way, art and creativity are one, but not the only, important medium for expression. Based on situation and context, it means drawing from diverse disciplines, talents, methods, skills and the whole being to craft the future.
The Model
The Business Artist Way offers a transformation model for organisations and their leaders to craft the future.