The business artist way
The Profiles
To create impact and transform organisations we need leaders who are able to craft the future and empower others to do the same. They are multipliers for positive change.
The Business Artist Way is focused on leadership playing an essential part in crafting the future of organisations. Leaders need to be equipped with positive underlying assumptions, empowering mindsets and meta-skills to become multipliers and transform organisations from within.
Leaders are in the center of organisational development and give startegic direction. In volatile and uncertain times of today's world, we need new skills, profiles and mindsets to be competitive in the long run. Continuous transformation of the organisation is necessary to adapt to fast paced changes. Leaders have to level up their game and be the drivers, inspirators, role models and facilitators for creative and human empowerment and for innovation. Leaders are multipliers of transformative action and empower others for positive impact everyday.
Transformation Profiles to Craft the Future
Every step of the transformation model is backed by a profile to lead and empower.
To Understand the Present: Become a Complexity Navigator
The Complexity Navigator can deal with complex environments, think systemic, reframe uncertainty and create purposeful strategic direction to navigate successfully in a VUCA-world.
To Foster the Mindset: Become a Mindset Shifter
The Mindset Shifter can inspire others to curiously explore new ways of thinking, challenge assumptions, take different perspectives, be empathetic and human in a digital world.
To Unfold Human Potential: Become a Creative Leader
The Creative Leader can strengthen creative confidence, foster growth, be self-reflective, motivate people for engagement and use creativity to lead others towards unfolding their potential.
To Collaborate and Innovate: Become a Culture Shaper
The Culture Shaper can create trust, foster learning agility and self-direction, facilitate creative collaboration and co-creation across differences to craft innovative organisational cultures.
Graduate from all four profiles to become a
"Certified Business Art Facilitator"
The Skillset
The Business Art Facilitator Programme developes a comprehensive skillset to craft the future.