The business artist way
The Model
The transformation model to craft the future consists of four steps. Constant iterations for learning and creation help organisations to build leadership culture, mindsets and skills for creative competitiveness, resilience and agility.
Continuous transformation at the core of the organisation is needed to be able to adapt to changes and to compete in the long term. Leaders are the essence and organisational culture the reflection of the organisations ability to reinvent themselves over and over again.
To create impact and transform organisations we need leaders who are able to craft the future and empower others to do the same. The are multipliers for positive change.
The model is designed to focus on the human factor of transformation and the need for creativity and exploration to successfully craft the future. Human imagination is the heart of all development (at least for now) and plays an impoartant role in shaping this world. Empowering human beings to create and to explore allows solving critical problems. It allows human beings to redefine their role beside technology. It enables organisations to innovate and stay competitive. To empower others leaders have to be able to understand the present, foster the mindset, unfold human potential and collaborate and innovate.
Business Art Facilitator Training Programme
The Business Art Facilitator Programme consists of 4x(3+1)=16 elements for leadereship development.